Patricia Esslinger, Groupware Facilitator
Why Have a Technology-Enabled Meeting?

When people get together for discussion, a decision, or to develop a proposal,
the effort can be productive, innovative, and fun!

In an environment of collaborative teamwork, you can still get decisions expeditiously.

When Pat Esslinger facilitates your meeting, your participants

How does this work?

Each participant in the room is provided a laptop computer on a self-contained portable network. One-at-a-time oral comments and facilitators' flip charts are largely replaced by simultaneous keyed-in comments and electronic big screen displays. As directed by the facilitator, the software

The software that does all this is GroupSystems. With a facilitator's guidance, this software is very easy to use--even for participants who are not particularly tech savvy.

Take a look at a picture of one of Pat's electronic meetings.

A few reasons why you should have used Pat's groupware for your last meeting